23 de Junho de 2017.

Home away from home

When you have your ‘student years’ far behind and suddenly you need to move in to a dormitory, you can feel a bit panicked. Accustomed to single bedrooms in quiet neighborhoods, I was definitely concerned with my living situation during EVS. Sharing a bedroom with two other girls and not having a proper kitchen is not how I imagined my […]
20 de Junho de 2017.

Non-formal education in Madeira

This month, I and two of my colleagues were in Guimarães, learning and enjoying. In my case I learned another point of view of my stay here in Madeira and this point of view is related to how I’m learning as I’m enjoying Madeira. -One example of this is my adaptability that it has improved in both the biggest to […]
14 de Junho de 2017.

Me, Myself and I

Generally, I’d rather to gorge on countless portions of sweet bread and pastries from popular bakery for all of residents of the student’s house at Rua Santa Maria, but I have to write an article, which traditionaly is prepared by the greatest voulunteers in the whole globe (including me). It’s not the first time, when one of my coordinators Marcos […]
9 de Junho de 2017.

30 anos de Erasmus+

A AAUMa celebrou o 30.º aniversário do programa europeu de mobilidade, Erasmus+, com música, gastronomia e história no passado dia 17 de Junho, no Colégio dos Jesuítas do Funchal. Com uma programação diversificada, e da responsabilidade dos voluntários ao abrigo do Serviço Voluntário Europeu na Madeira e dos voluntários madeirenses, esta efeméride teve como programação uma visita guiada à Igreja […]
9 de Junho de 2017.

Communication in a team work

During my EVS arrival training I met great people and I learnt more about myself and my needs. I talked a lot about the idea of volunteering, stereotypes and interpersonal communication. These last are for me the most interesting. Here are the things I have learnt: 1) Be open, patient and break the barrier! Even if your English (or other […]