12 de Setembro de 2017.

Live consciously and be happy

Last year I made kind of an experiment with a friend of mine. In the moment when we should say goodbye and we didn´t know if we will ever see again, we created a “time machine”. We wrote there our current life quotes, things what makes us happy at this time and also plans, wishes and expectations for the next months and for later on. I kept piece of paper with his notes and he kept mine. We promise to Skype exactly next year and see how our plans are going. The time machine was aimed to show if we live passive or we follow our ideas to be happy. The effect is charming, because even if I made some […]
8 de Setembro de 2017.

Fado vs Flamenco

Before I arrived in Madeira, I used to spend a few hours a day listening, trying to understand and playing flamenco with my guitar. I discovered flamenco two years ago and love this music. I arrived in Madeira and discovered fado music by the Coimbra fado group of the students union of the University of Madeira. Before I first heard it I imagined I would like fado because I’m an open person to all music styles. Additionally, fado and flamenco share some features: • They both come from Iberian Peninsula. • There is evidence of flamenco since the 18th century, but it has ancient roots. In the case of fado, is has been performed since the 19th and there are […]
7 de Setembro de 2017.

A Madeira na nossa Europa

A nossa História, na nossa Europa! A Imprensa Académica, a chancela editorial da Associação Académica da Universidade da Madeira apresentou, no dia 6 de Setembro, no Espaço Yehuni Mehudi do Parlamento Europeu, em Bruxelas, o livro History of Funchal. Trata-se de uma publicação inédita, traduzida para a Língua Inglesa, do original de Rui Carita, publicado pela primeira vez em Dezembro de 2013. A obra conta com um prefácio da eurodeputada e professora universitária Liliana Rodrigues. Este evento constituiu um momento único de afirmação da Madeira no panorama internacional, e as centenas de convidados presentes, dos quais se destacam Embaixadores e diversos Eurodeputados, puderam desfrutar de vários momentos memoráveis que deliciaram os sentidos e permitiram dar a conhecer uma pequena, mas […]
5 de Setembro de 2017.

Judaism in Madeira

A brief exploration of the hidden history of Jewish people on the island of Madeira. For as long as Madeira has existed as a territory under Portuguese control there has been a notable, if hidden, Jewish population living on the island. During the time following the island’s discovery this primarily comprised of Crypto-Jews, who hid their faith publicly due to the ongoing Spanish Inquisition. The city of Funchal was established in 1508, less than 20 years after the Alhambra Decree which ordered all practicing Jews to be expelled from Spain. In this context it is interesting that many Portuguese historians speculate that Zarco, the official discoverer of the island and first captain of Funchal, was himself of Crypto-Jewish ancestry. In […]
1 de Setembro de 2017.

Access to forests is our privilege?

Levadas – more than two thousands kilometers of irrigation channels, going through Madeira across and along from the top to the bottom of the island. I can only think about walking along the path surrounding levada by green tropical flora, to feel undiscribed calmness. Even more I like to visit them alone without companions, for better exploration. Every single forest has his own story to discover and it depends on us, do we want to hear them or not. Trees are silent witnesses of history. The rest of the oldest kind belonged to Old Tjikko from Swedish Fulufjället National Park, survived more than nine thousand years. They remeber the time before Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire, Inca Empire, two world […]