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16 de Maio de 2017.

The island of the dreams…

I have enjoyed this month as much as the last one, I have met new friends, and I said goodbye to one of my colleagues, I have been in new places, and I have visited some places again. This month has been very similar and different of the last one, this is because the usual things sometimes change. Today you visit a beautiful square and tomorrow that square will be more beautiful than yesterday. Today you met new people, and tomorrow they will be your friends, and today you are enjoying with your friends and tomorrow, they will come back home and leave you fond memories. I only realized about the changes this month. It is interesting because this island, […]
12 de Maio de 2017.

Yes, I can’t

Do you suffer from putting off all your daily duties to unspecified time in the future? Are you always waiting for a better moment to do something? If you don’t know: “from where to start…?”, you can’t stand failure or you do the tasks “for now” only because you fear the consequences – it means that you might have a problem with procrastination. What is procrastination? ‘Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task, that needs to be accomplished’ – Wikipedia. In my opinion it is a kind of pathology. Why? Because normally, nobody wants to live in never-ending tension. A procrastinator wants to have everything under control, so that person creates the appearance of normality. She or he knows […]
8 de Maio de 2017.

The (un)importance of age

Age is not as important as you think, there are tons of examples! I have to admit that this is a rather unusual theme to write about. But as I found myself more than once confronted with my age in the last time, I started to think a bit more about the (un)importance of age. I bet every one of us heard it before: “You are too young for this” or “When you are older you will understand that”. But also sentences like: “Are you not a bit too old for that?” or “I did not expect that from a person your age” are really common. I myself assume during my work as a tour guide that old people are […]
2 de Maio de 2017.

Simple life on Madeira

If you feel that your comfort zone is actually a stagnation, just pack your backpack and go for an EVS. I remember my first impression when I arrived to Funchal in the middle of the night, almost month ago. It was three things: fresh air, flowers everywhere and sound of the Ocean. The same day I left my friends, family, job, country … my world, but I had this exciting feeling that is not the end but the beginning of something new and an amazing. The next day I met other volunteers and then I was absolutely sure that was good decision and I arrived to my little paradise. Here, for me every day is a celebration. When I go […]
21 de Abril de 2017.

My first month in the paradise

The island has been excellent, the people have been beautiful, the job has been amazing and I don’t have enough words to describe the other things. I had some expectations for my first month in here, but it was even better than what I expected. This project has been an opportunity to learn about the history of Madeira, about the history of Portugal, and about the different cultures and costumes of this country and the countries of the people who have been around me during this time. I was in beautiful places with my colleagues. I was in museums, parks and beaches, where I saw beautiful places and learn interesting things. Regarding to my job it has been interesting because I’m a […]