15 de Setembro de 2017.


The pros and cons of long hiking Being a perfectionist and a collector (both terrible features), I like to see things through – once I undertake a given task or a project, I’m determined to finish it in 100%. Here, on Madeira, one of those little quests of mine is to walk all the hiking trails listed by the website I always use to consult the trips. I mark every finished trail on my map of the island and each new line drawn on it gives my a sort of perverted joy only weirdos like me would understand. Needless to say, the more lines marked on the map at the end of the day, the merrier. I try to combine […]
7 de Agosto de 2017.

Your own personal mountains

Dare to feel like a king of the island? After having set my adventurous foot on three trails connecting Pico Ruivo with the south (Pico do Areeiro), the east (Achadas do Teixeira) and the north (Ilha), I once again channelled my inner explorer to check the last remaining path – Vereda da Encumeada (PR 1.3) going west, to the mountain pass at Encumeada. And this vereda is no fooling around, this is not for Sunday hikers in flip-flops or the likes of a guy I once saw at roughly 1700 meters above sea level, carrying his equipment in a plastic bag from a well-known supermarket. This hike alone is 11,2 kilometers long and you still have to reach or descend […]
30 de Junho de 2017.

Rise of a hero

Hero that Funchal deserves – origin In the two previous entries of mine I wrote about some hiking and hitch-hiking experiences I had during my first two months on Madeira. Why such topic? Convenience, I guess. Telling a real-life story has always been easier for me – usually less of an intelectual effort than coming up with a plot or a subject – so I found those texts fast and easy to write. Now… now in all my self-justifying, self-warming, feeling-good-about-itself laziness I think those texts… can actually have their importance. In early May, when we opened my foto exhibition in the Jesuits’ College, I had a few local people telling me that in just two months I had explored […]
5 de Junho de 2017.

A day in the mountains

A full day of hiking in the mountains – from Pico do Areeiro to Santana. Eventually. During my first month on Madeira I already had a chance to see the marvellous panoramic views offered by Pico do Areeiro, the third highest peak of the island. I enjoyed the experience so much that I even mentioned it in my previous journal entry – together with Beata we hitchhiked a car going from upper Funchal directly to the top of the mountain, but since it was already quite late and we also had other plans for that day, we decided not to go for that 7-kilometre-long trail to Pico Ruivo, Madeira’s highest. Not just then. It was only a month later, on […]
14 de Abril de 2017.

Adventure time

From my first days on Madeira I couldn’t wait to explore the natural beauty of the island. Shortly after arriving to Funchal and discovering the new city, I started to count days to my first hiking adventure on Madeira. I was getting impatient to finally pack my backpack, go out of the urban area and explore the mountains and levadas the island has to offer. After three weeks the time had come. The weather was impeccable and Saturday afternoon saw me and Beata standing by the road ER103 in Monte, thumbing our way to the northern shore of Madeira. The plan was to get to Porto da Cruz and then walk along Vereda do Larano to Machico, but as it […]