14 de Junho de 2017.

Me, Myself and I

Generally, I’d rather to gorge on countless portions of sweet bread and pastries from popular bakery for all of residents of the student’s house at Rua Santa Maria, but I have to write an article, which traditionaly is prepared by the greatest voulunteers in the whole globe (including me). It’s not the first time, when one of my coordinators Marcos […]
9 de Junho de 2017.

30 anos de Erasmus+

A AAUMa celebrou o 30.º aniversário do programa europeu de mobilidade, Erasmus+, com música, gastronomia e história no passado dia 17 de Junho, no Colégio dos Jesuítas do Funchal. Com uma programação diversificada, e da responsabilidade dos voluntários ao abrigo do Serviço Voluntário Europeu na Madeira e dos voluntários madeirenses, esta efeméride teve como programação uma visita guiada à Igreja […]
5 de Junho de 2017.

A day in the mountains

A full day of hiking in the mountains – from Pico do Areeiro to Santana. Eventually. During my first month on Madeira I already had a chance to see the marvellous panoramic views offered by Pico do Areeiro, the third highest peak of the island. I enjoyed the experience so much that I even mentioned it in my previous journal […]
1 de Junho de 2017.

The importance of the Portuguese

The Portuguese language is official in 9 countries of the world, around four continents. Approximately 250 millions of people speaks this language. After Brazil the countries where the Portuguese is used are Mozambique, Angola and Portugal. Contrary of a lot of people thinks the Spanish isn’t the closest language. The origin of this comes from the Galician-Portuguese that was spoken […]
29 de Maio de 2017.

Taking part in EVS

Taking part in EVS opens so many doors for those lucky enough to take part but it can also open you up to derision from those who don’t understand the concept of what we are doing. Many believe that this is just a paid holiday, something to do while putting off the inevitability of finding a ‘real’ job and ‘settling […]