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18 de Abril de 2017.

Sweet Island of Madeira

Right before I came to Madeira, I read a little about food, cuisine and eating habits of Madeirans. Usually I keep a pretty strict regimen, eating mostly vegan, sugar- and wheat-free meals. But it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy pastries, bread and sweets – on the contrary, it’s my big weakness. I just choose to live without it, or at least I did until I arrived to Funchal and tried some of the local products. Pastéis de nata, bolo do caco, pão de passas, queijadas… Once I started having them, I couldn’t stop. Daily trips to Mariazinha for coffee always ended with something rich in sugar and flour. I know that food consisting of simple carbohydrates is very addictive and […]
14 de Abril de 2017.

Adventure time

From my first days on Madeira I couldn’t wait to explore the natural beauty of the island. Shortly after arriving to Funchal and discovering the new city, I started to count days to my first hiking adventure on Madeira. I was getting impatient to finally pack my backpack, go out of the urban area and explore the mountains and levadas the island has to offer. After three weeks the time had come. The weather was impeccable and Saturday afternoon saw me and Beata standing by the road ER103 in Monte, thumbing our way to the northern shore of Madeira. The plan was to get to Porto da Cruz and then walk along Vereda do Larano to Machico, but as it […]
10 de Abril de 2017.

20th anniversary EVS in Amarante

Amarante hosted a camping that reunited over 50 volunteers. Last summer between the 28th and the 31st of June as a part of the events for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the EVS program in Portugal there was a meeting in Amarante, organized by Casa da Juventude and the National Agency. The four days of camping and events were very packed and past so fast. On arrival day was dedicated for meeting each other and star to share our experiences. That same day in the afternoon we went to a place called Vila Meã were we saw some historical places and were took place in the night the first event of Há Fest, with a Sunset Party. The second day […]
7 de Abril de 2017.


Being a volunteer has a somehow schizophrenic side to it: you’re local and tourist at the same time. European Volunteers come from abroad and are living and volunteering in a foreign country for a considerable amount of time. The everyday routine, shaped by the project, somehow makes of the volunteers locals of the city they stay and work in. Though that designation seems wrong in space… I would not go as far as considering myself a local of Funchal, even though I’ve been here for half a year already, I feel like I know the city well and my tour guide experience makes that I probably know more about Madeiras capital, its history, buildings etc. than many other born and […]
3 de Abril de 2017.

Five differences

5 Things in Madeira, that are completly different in Germany First of all, I have to admit there are way more than five things that are completly different in Germany than in Madeira and it is most liky impossible to write all of them down. For me, as I am living now already 6 month here on Madeira and lived nearly my whole life in Germany, there are some small things that not only I find remarkable, but also german tourists were noticing. Obviously there are several things that the Germans are well known for, e.g. never to cross a red street light, and you don’t have to lived there for several years to realise that there are big differences. […]