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30 de Março de 2017.

Living outside

So the main point of all this experience is growing as a person, as individual human being, make from yourself better at solving difficult situations. Starting from the beginning, living outside of your parents home isn’t as easy as it looks. First of all you have to adapt to new situations that were completely covered in the easy parental environment. Take care of a lot of different things that you never expect. In that moment you realize how it’s going to be the rest of your life, in the way that no longer will be the easiness of home. Now you have to make the home by your own, trying to keep the “traditions” that in your original home you […]
27 de Março de 2017.

Living in the Residence

My first thought was that it was in an amazing location, within spitting distance of the ocean and with many restaurants and beautiful buildings surrounding it. There would be no difficulty in finding somewhere to spend my evenings. The term ‘university residence’ conjures up many different pictures to different people. Having been exceptionally lucky during my own time at university in regards to accommodation and having heard other people’s horror stories about their own times it was with some trepidation that I came to live at the university residence here in Madeira. I discovered that I would be sharing a room, something I hadn’t done since I was a child. Fortunately for me these girls were absolutely lovely and very […]
23 de Março de 2017.

Madeiran Heritage

This is why heritage can be shared and spread by anybody. We are a group of international volunteers, coming from different countries to promote, preserve and present the material and immaterial heritage of Madeira. The sweatshirts we wear whilst doing this read „Madeiran Heritage – Sharing our legacy“, because that is what we are doing, sharing the legacy of Madeira. The heritage and culture of the island. But it’s not our legacy, it’s someone else’s legacy. When I told my friends that I would leave Germany to talk about the history, buildings and personalities that shaped an Island on which I had never set foot beforehand, they were a little bit confused and wondering. But, how will you guide people through […]
20 de Março de 2017.

What impressed me the most

The thing that struck me the most about the Jesuits’ College was the look of the students’ courtyard. Mostly because of the fact that I have a degree in landscape architecture and I have a slightly different perception of the public spaces. I still remember the first thought that came to my head when I first saw it “what a nice cloister garden”. Also I still remember, how immediately I recalled the lectures and classes of History of Garden Art where I learned about them. How they are connected with Persian-style gardens charbagh or peristyle typical for Hellenistic Greek and Roman architecture. That they are usually decorated with a water feature in the middle. That cypress trees symbolize death and […]
13 de Março de 2017.

My first week

In this moment, after one week I can say that I am a lucky person for taking part in this project. I have been here for a week, and I like the people, the weather, the residence, the food, everything. About the work, I like it, cause the tourist are so polite, and my partners are so friendly, they always answer me every question and they are always available to help me if I need some help, so, who would want for more? Although my English is sometimes a bit bad (one of my objectives is improve it), I have not been a problem with my partners, because they are so patient, and they do not have any problem if […]