18 de Setembro de 2017.

A minha viagem ao Porto Santo

Today I was in Porto Santo, but it wasn´t an enjoyable trip along the island, even I shouldn’t be there, I just was there because the turbulence in a trip with Madeira island as the destiny. This happened as the end of my holidays and basically it was one of the three things that makes me think about my project (because I had too much time to think about it as the pilot was trying to land). The first the time was when I arrived at Spain and after eating Paella (my favorite Spanish plate) I told my family the history of my experience. It wasn’t just a tell, it was a complete presentation about all my project with pictures, […]
4 de Agosto de 2017.

My luggage

This month I’m going to Spain, and in this text I want to talk just a bit about the news in my luggage. In my luggage I’ll put the normal things, like clothes, shoes, sunscreen, but I also want to take some specific new things that I obtained in Madeira like new language skills, new friends, new knowledge. I’ll also take lots of histories about my job, my adventures, about the lovely people that I met here. I’ll also take new first experiences, my first picnic, my first successful hitchhiking and camping for the first time. I’ll also tell them the way that I’ve learnt how to be more patient, how to be more open, how I discovered some proper […]
20 de Junho de 2017.

Non-formal education in Madeira

This month, I and two of my colleagues were in Guimarães, learning and enjoying. In my case I learned another point of view of my stay here in Madeira and this point of view is related to how I’m learning as I’m enjoying Madeira. -One example of this is my adaptability that it has improved in both the biggest to the smallest things, adapting to a new country, new city, new food and new culture, adapting to the customs and culture of each one who is around me all the time. -Another quite good example of this is something that I called “exchange of patience”. It’s because sometimes you have to be patient and sometimes they have to be patient […]
16 de Maio de 2017.

The island of the dreams…

I have enjoyed this month as much as the last one, I have met new friends, and I said goodbye to one of my colleagues, I have been in new places, and I have visited some places again. This month has been very similar and different of the last one, this is because the usual things sometimes change. Today you visit a beautiful square and tomorrow that square will be more beautiful than yesterday. Today you met new people, and tomorrow they will be your friends, and today you are enjoying with your friends and tomorrow, they will come back home and leave you fond memories. I only realized about the changes this month. It is interesting because this island, […]
21 de Abril de 2017.

My first month in the paradise

The island has been excellent, the people have been beautiful, the job has been amazing and I don’t have enough words to describe the other things. I had some expectations for my first month in here, but it was even better than what I expected. This project has been an opportunity to learn about the history of Madeira, about the history of Portugal, and about the different cultures and costumes of this country and the countries of the people who have been around me during this time. I was in beautiful places with my colleagues. I was in museums, parks and beaches, where I saw beautiful places and learn interesting things. Regarding to my job it has been interesting because I’m a […]